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Meet the people who brought Counter Column to Life.


Chris Gonzales

Anthony Mendoza
With over 30 indie films to his credit, Christopher Gonzales brought a level of talent and realism to his role as Anthony that is impactful. Even though he had pursued acting since he was 14, Chris decided to put his career on hold to focus on earning a living and enrolling in college. Then he received a casting call for Counter Column, and the rest is history. When he isn’t busy on a film project, Chris enjoys spending time with loved ones and vegan home cooking.

Nathan-Andrew Hight

Chris Wright
Since he was eight, Nathan-Andrew Hight has loved acting. When he turned 17, he decided to pursue it as a career and quickly landed his first film role. With a variety of theatrical talents, Nathan brought Chris Wright’s character to life in a powerful way. Shortly after Counter Column was finished, Nathan was involved in a serious construction accident and nearly lost his life. The experience gave him a deep understanding that God is in control of everything and confidence that He isn’t done with him yet. In his free time, Nathan enjoys dancing and traveling.

Michael Kaiser

Jason Neil
Michael Kaiser was involved in theater from an early age. Even though Counter Column was his introduction to the world of film, Michael adapted quickly and truly excelled in representing Chris’ best friend Jason Neil. He took to the role so well, he frequently had the cast and crew laughing at his genuine, convincing performance. When he has the choice, Michael opts for Indian cuisine and has a taste for curry. He also speaks conversational French and is well-versed in French culture, particularly its film tradition.

Rob Mendenhall III

Drill Sergeant Pano
An ex-marine and Krav Maga instructor, Rob Mendenhall had no intention of joining Counter Column’s cast. However, as he helped with the military accuracy of the film, it became apparent that he was perfect for the role of Drill Sergeant Pano. Despite no prior acting experience aside from a class in high school, he knocked it out of the park. He and Pano have a lot in common, Rob shares, including the intense struggle against embracing Christ, which Rob portrays powerfully in the film.

Ezra Anderson

Drill Sergeant Jordan
An avid movie-lover, Ezra Anderson’s background in theater and student films helped to prepare him for his role as Drill Sergeant Jordan. Ezra found an excellent balance for his character, successfully portraying Jordan’s humorous moments as well as his somber, reflective ones. In his free time, Ezra enjoys working out and making music. He believes in the importance of being content in the circumstances in which God has us, but not becoming complacent.

Liz Walker

Beth Neil
Although Liz Walker came onto this project with prior film experience, Counter Column was her first feature. But the talent she displayed in portraying Chris’ girlfriend Beth seems to contradict that. Not only was her performance exceptional, but Liz’s endearing spirit and candidness also connected her quickly with the cast and crew and added depth to Beth’s character. Liz considers ice cream her hobby, and when she isn’t hunting for a unique ice cream shop, she makes her own at home.


Gilbert Sorola

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Gilbert Sorola served in the U.S. Army before moving to Indiana where he lives with his wife Christa and three children. Gilbert is a business entrepreneur, managing his own real estate company. His life experiences and desire to serve the Lord have led him to use his creative talents to produce a film that encourages young Christians to boldly share their faith.
Meet Gilbert

Dave Wilwayco

Director of Photography
With a B.S. in Television, Film & New Media from San Diego State University, Dave Wilwayco is a passionate and driven Director of Photography. Since 2012, he has shot over 60 short films & music videos as a cinematographer, and his skills include color grading, visual effects, motion graphics, graphic design, and web design. Dave believes in striving to be a better version of yourself by being coachable, going the extra mile, and being well prepared.

Matthew Jordan

In addition to writing and producing, Matthew Jordan is a worship leader, Young Life leader, business owner, music artist, and the oldest of seven kids. Matthew became interested in filmmaking at an early age and started a video business as a senior in high school. He went full time in 2016, and since then has created videos for nonprofits and businesses as well as for weddings. His prayer is that Counter Column will impact people for Christ.
Meet Matthew

Laura Starkey

When Gilbert and Matthew began working on Counter Column’s script, Laura offered to help. An avid storyteller, Laura has written fiction as well as been involved in dramatic productions as an actor and director. She is the oldest of four siblings and received her degree in Elementary Education from Purdue University in 2008. Despite being an introvert, one of her God-given passions is communicating truth and encouragement to other people.
Meet Laura

Jonathan Schutz

First Assistant Director
Once he realized that someone made the movies that impacted him as a kid, Johnathan Schutz wanted to work in film. In high school, he began to pursue this dream, creating videos for his church and for Royal Rangers. Since then, his film experience has expanded to include features, short films, and commercial video projects as well as event coordination for the Christian Worldview Film Festival. Johnathan's drive for excellence is born from a desire to live pleasingly to the Lord.

Brittany Polzella

Production Designer
Since earning her Cinematic Arts degree from Liberty University, Brittany Polzella has applied her Production Design skills to numerous feature films, including theatrical releases Indivisible and Extraordinary. A thorough communicator with an eye for detail, Brittany was valuable to the set of Counter Column and adeptly brought Gilbert and Matthew’s vision to life, despite the unique challenges that accompany military films. Brittany strongly believes in the Lord’s plan for our days and lives in gratitude for what Jesus has done for her, no matter the circumstances.

Sean Anthony Kisch

An award-winning composer and orchestrator from Indianapolis, Sean Anthony Kisch is classically trained in piano and composition and writes for film and television. Counter Column is his fifth feature, and his skill in setting scenes, creating suspense, and revealing characters’ inner monologues evokes emotion and adds a powerful element to the film. Sean is the principal accompanist for the Hancock County Children's Choir and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Composition at Butler University. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and painting.

Sean Anthony

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Betsy Clemons

Costume Designer

Brittany Polzella

Production Designer

Josh Pittman

Location Manager

Sophia Wade

Sound Designer

Johnathan Schutz

Assistant Director

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