Counter Column Scholarship Fund

Help Us Reach This Generation​ One Ticket at a Time

Our culture is desperately in need of the gospel. Our biggest hope and prayer is that Counter Column will share Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him. But some of these people would be more willing to watch it if someone bought them a ticket. This is why we decided to start the “Counter Column Scholarship Fund.” Every donation will be used to purchase tickets for those in need—monetarily and spiritually. We will also use the fund to offer assistance to youth groups who can’t afford to take all their kids to see the movie. From now on, 100% of donations given through our website will go directly to the “Counter Column Scholarship Fund.” Please pray about this opportunity and give as you feel led. If you know people who could use a ticket to see the movie or your youth group needs assistance to take a group to see the film, email with as many details as possible (location, # of tickets needed, etc.).

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