"Breakthrough Comes When You’re Broken”

The Story

Counter Column follows the stories of two young men growing up in very different cultures: the streets of inner-city San Antonio and the rural country farmland of Indiana.

When their paths cross at Army Basic Training, their desires clash as they struggle through the hardest 9 weeks of their life.

As the army begins to break them on the outside, another Power is at play breaking them on the inside.

They soon find that seeing breakthrough costs far more than they ever bargained for.

This powerful story of forgiveness and courage will leave you with deep questions about life and faith.

The Filming

Counter Column was filmed on location in San Antonio, TX as well as Lafayette, IN (and the surrounding areas) in 2018.

Crew members traveled from over 10 different states, most volunteering their time to create this feature-length movie.

The approximate release date for the film is 2020.

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